About Komang

Traditional Balinese Healing Spa Therapist

Welcome on my website but first let me tell you something about me. My name is Komang and I was born and raised on Bali, Indonesia. Bali is also known as ‘The Island of the Gods’. I’m a multiple qualified Healing Spa Therapist specialized in Traditional Balinese Massage, Face & Body Treatments. I moved in 2010 to the Netherlands and started from home the first Balinese Spa in Amsterdam.

Komang ( masseuse / eigenaresse ) | Incense Bali SPA Amsterdam

In the past there used to be much less doctors in Bali than today. Most villages were difficult to reach because there were almost no roads. Many villages were isolated in the hills. Due to traditional and natural medicine, many complaints and ailments solved by the people in the villages. That time massage played an important role and was first used mainly preventive. Later massage was given on medical advice more often as a complement to the healing process. After that the relaxing and soothing properties has been slowly discovered by the general public and the first commercial spas were created.

All my treatments ‘with a touch of Bali’

The knowledge and experience with Traditional Balinese massage is transmitted for many generations in my family. My father was beside the best massage teacher I could wish for me, also a Guru ( Balinese Hindu priest ). So during my childhood there was a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual world. Before I came to the Netherlands I’ve worked and given guidance for 10 years in various 5-star hotels and spa resorts in Bali. Here I have gained a wide experience with many other massage techniques and Traditional Balinese body treatments.

From 2001 I’m specialized in Traditional Balinese body treatments and anti-stress healing massages. All with a touch of Bali. Some popular treatments are Spa Relaxation Massage and Aromatherapy with warm essential oil from Bali. The bestseller this moment is the delightful Balinese Lulur Body Scrub with authentic Balinese products. 

I’m looking forward to welcome you and introduce you to my relaxing Balinese body treatments.


Om Swastiastu,

Komang ( Maya B )